Web3 Is The Future As Long As You're on a Desktop | The Rug's Mostly Credible Newsletter #2

Another Letter From The Editor

Dear Eyeballs,

I am pleased to present The Rug’s Second Newsletter. We are still shipping this epistle once-a-month(ish), but may do a biweekly if subs keep racking up and our content warrants it…. Biweekly means twice-a-month and twice-a-week. So that’s odd. Anyway, it’s free laughs for you, so nbd, I hope. Also, do hit us up on Twitter, and RT our material, show you care, it takes a village bruv.

So much is going on in crypto, for example, have you heard This Ethereum Investor Still Believes The Merge Will Reduce Gas Fees? Or that Michael Saylor’s Opinion on Being Sued By The Government is, “Bitcoin fixes this.”

If you’re all about Web3 like us you probably knew that stuff… But we ask ourselves occasionally, what does that even mean? Apparently, Web3 Is The Future As Long As You’re on a Desktop.

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With all that Web3 virtue signalling out of the way, let’s get into the gold.

But First, WTF is The Rug Newsletter?

The Rug is Web3’s mostly credible news source. We take money, seriously.

The Rug places a satirical lens on crypto-culture. Think "The Onion" for Web3. Our Newsletter publication includes:

  • The funniest articles

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All of the above we aim to produce on a regular basis, and The Rug’s Newsletter is where you can catch them all in one spot, shipped str8 to your inbox.

Do rug a friend.

Article Recap

ENTERTAINMENT — ‘Arrested Developer’ Delays New Season of Hit TV Show

Did you know that a tornado hit Los Angeles? In this article, Frank America gets into the details of this force majeur, and contends its litigious nature could go all the way to the supreme court. Sounds like Coinbase is down. The Rug got there first. Believe dat’. Collect it on Optimism for three bucks. They’re like baseball cards, gettem’. What is Optimism? Just add it to Metamask here, and [send](https://app.hop.exchange/![](https://storage.googleapis.com/papyrus_images/a17ef35dc1921cda57d505c9b496268a)

/send?sourceNetwork=ethereum&destNetwork=optimism&token=USDC) like .1 ether there dude. Learn something.

THE MERGE — This Ethereum Investor Will Vaguely Explain The Merge To You

Okay so we all know The Merge went down today, and not crashed but like occurred. However, have you heard this sagely advice from a completely unqualified investor? He’s been around since this recent bull market. What else do you need to know? Perchy nails this satirical take on half-baked explanations of what The Merge is, and what it means. Collect it too, we just showed you how to do that.

Headlines Recap

TECHWeb3 Is The Future As Long As You’re On A Desktop

We’re all about Web3, as mentioned up top. But we can’t help but notice that most of this stuff is super clunky on mobile, and only works on desktop. With the majority of the internet going palm-only, we had to poke a little fun at the “futuristic” nature of Web3.

REPORT4/7 Multisig Signers Don’t Know They Are on the Multisig

You’re probably on a multisig and don’t even know it. Getting the last Rug payment out to our crew inspired this joke in a late night conversation. It was like “the majority of multisigs are stupid, they take forever”, which led to this joke, which means we’re so glad that it happened. Of course, consensus-based multisigs are the shiznit, just not when one dudes in Costa Rica with a bad internet connection and the other is sleeping in Australia. But whatevs works, works, eventually, and for the record, we use Gnosis Safe.

WELLNESS — Depressed Crypto User Encouraged to Migrate to Optimism

Bear markets are tough, and can lead to emotional downturns. That’s why we recommend Optimism. 4/5 Doctors have never even heard of it. Dentists too! Seriously though, if you’re feeling blue, that sucks, and we’re sorry. Every one goes through ups and downs, try and zoom out. Or don’t. Your call.

Under The Rug

Under The Rug is a crypto-comedy podcast based on the hardest hitting headlines in Web3. In each episode a rotating cast of the comedians at The Rug get together to chop peanuts, craft jokes, and discuss things semi-crypto comedy related.

Our fifth episode, is forthcoming, in the mean time check out our 2nd episode, “1. 2. 3. 4. 5.”

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Bonus Content: Ape, What’s The Problem?, by Liquidiot

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